Custom-made products

We make custom jewelry from our own versatile selection. Choose the pearls you want, specify the model, and we will create a unique piece of jewelry for you. Bracelets, necklaces or earrings – something special will be built based on your ideas. Contact us, and together we will make a piece of jewelry that reflects your style!

Custom work price examples:

from €15 (e.g. Earrings with 1-5 pearls) + materials

from €20 (e.g. 30-60cm wire or pearl thread, 1 necklace or bracelet containing the same pearl) + materials

from €30 (e.g. 30-60cm pearl thread with knotting technique (a knot after each bead)) + materials

We also offer a repair service for broken jewelry. Contact us and we’ll see if we can help restore your favorite jewelry to its former glory.

Repair service from €15

Requests and questions by e-mail to:

Please attach an illustrative picture to the message.