Custom-made products

According to your picture or description, we deliver customized products. Through us you can order the following products:

1. We offer hand-made jewellery with your own design. Please send us your drawing examples or descriptions by e-mail.

2. We offer hand-made silver components and parts, which are made in China and Indonesia.

3. Faceted beads with different sizes and shapes, just tell us what kind of material you want or send us a picture by e-mail.

4. Dyed beads with all kinds of colours. Just select the material which you want it to be, for example freshwater pearls, mother of pearls, stone beads, glass beads or wood beads etc.

5. All kinds of beads of any kind of materials, just name it out with size and colour.

6. Display products, such as, stands and boxes. As materials we use acrylic, velvet fabric, wood, leather, glass and metal.

7. Organza bags, velvet bags and gift packages with your own design.

8. Labels with your company logo made of paper or plastic.

Please send all your questions and orders by e-mail to info[at]

We deliver high quality, affordable and flexible products.

You name it, we realize it for you!